Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory allows us to run immediate diagnostic results in the event your pet is sick or injured, as well as pre-surgical screening prior to anesthesia. We perform a number of in-house laboratory diagnostic tests including: fecal examination for parasites, complete analysis of urine, complete blood counts, electrolyte analyses and serum chemistry panels.

We also utilize services offered by external veterinary laboratories enabling us to run a vast number of diagnostic tests with rapid turn-around times for receiving results.

Xray or Radiology

Our on-site Xray equipment aids in the diagnosis of many disorders and are available digitally to you or a referring specialist at any time. These images help the veterinarian evaluate size and shape of organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver and bladder. In addition to detecting broken bones, Xray images are useful in diagnosing arthritis; detecting tumours or growths, bladder uroliths or stones, and foreign objects; and revealing other abnormalities not detectable by physical examination alone.


Ultrasound allows us to diagnose many diseases without the need for more invasive, painful and dangerous procedures. In addition, ultrasound may give us the diagnosis much quicker.

Ultrasound allows us to visualize internal organs in a way that is often easier to visualize than on x-rays. Abnormalities such as masses, cysts or abscesses (infections) can be seen and measured as well as biopsied if necessary.

Ultrasound can provide critical diagnostic information and usually the pet is hardly aware that a procedure was even carried out.


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